How to Fix Forearm Pain and Tightness (QUICK STRETCH!)

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Forearm pain and tightness are one of the most common issues facing pro athletes, weekend warriors and desk jockeys alike. In this video, I show you one of the fastest and easiest forearm stretches you can do to address the tightness and pain often felt on the top side of your forearms. By addressing the brachioradialis and forearm extensor muscles in one stretch, you will be able to start seeing relief in this often tight and sore area.

To start it is beneficial to understand why the top side of your forearms is a frequent source of pain and tightness. You don’t have to look much further than the position that we keep our hands, wrists and elbows most of the day. If you sit at a computer, or you drive many hours to and from work, or even if you just like to text a lot, you are going to start developing adaptive shortening of the muscles of the forearm.

Your forearms will tend to be in a slightly supinated position and your elbows will be rarely if ever fully straightened. On top of that, your wrists will likely be bent backward into a little bit of extension as well. The combination of these three movement patterns makes it very easy, and common, for the muscles that extend the wrist, flex the elbow and supinate the forearm to get tight.

In order to properly stretch your forearms and start getting rid of this pain however, you will need to actively start adding stretches into your daily routine. The simplest way to understand what movements are needed to perform the forearm stretch properly is to think about what motions you need to undo. Knowing by now that you need to reverse wrist extension, elbow flexion and forearm supination gives you the blueprint to what you need to do.

Perform the stretch shown in this video to flex the wrist, extend the elbow and pronate the forearm. You can do this by placing the back sides of your hands together with your elbows straightened and your arms extended out in front of your body. If you want to stretch the left forearm at this point you will place it over the right arm and then clasp your fingers together. Here you will use your right hand to pull your left wrist into a bent or flexed forward position while twisting the arm into pronation or a palms down position.

Hold this stretch for 20-30 seconds and repeat for a total of 3-4 times each arm. Don’t be afraid to perform this stretch multiple times throughout the day, especially if you spend a great deal of time doing the activities that I mentioned above. After a couple weeks of doing this, you should feel a sustained relief of your symptoms. In the short term, you may feel an instant relief of tightness just after doing it a few times.

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