How To Fix Muscle Assymetry - Quick Dumbbell Tip

Do you find that your muscular development is sometimes not that symmetrical or equal between your right and left sides? It’s not an all too uncommon thing and there are lots of potential reasons for it. Does it mean that you have to start working out completely differently in order to overcome any strength or size discrepancy? Not at all.

With this quick tip you can instantly start improving the all important mind to muscle link that is crucial for getting not only a muscle to grow, but more importantly, to grow at the same rate and strength level as the one on the opposite side.

Using the dumbbells that you’re already using, you can simply mix and match the weight you are using for a given exercise. For example with the dumbbell biceps curl or hammer curl, if you normally use 35 lbs for the lift, you can hold a 35 lb dumbbell in one hand and a 25 or 20lb dumbbell in the other. The key here is to move the weights at the same speed!

This will force you to accelerate the heavier dumbbell and slow down the lighter one. This will improve your concentration on the lift and be able to finally activate muscle groups that you were most likely ignoring due to the compensation of a stronger side all along.

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