How to Fix Uneven Pecs (2 WAYS!)

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If you suffer from uneven pecs or any other muscle group for that matter, you will likely want to do something about it to help balance them out. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but is very common when comparing your dominant vs non-dominant sides. In the case of the chest, it is not uncommon to have one pec bigger or shaped differently from the other. In fact, yours truly has this exact scenario, but it is for a different reason.

As I demonstrate, the uneven pecs shown here are a result of muscle attachment differences. In the case of the pecs, they attach to the sternum in different areas. With the sternum itself being a rather wide bone, the pecs from the right and left sides don’t necessarily attach medially to the chest bone at the same place. On my left pec, the sternal fibers are attaching a bit more laterally than they are on the right. This causes my pecs to look unbalanced on the bottom. In this scenario, no matter what I do to try and balance out these uneven muscles, nothing will work. Since I cannot alter the attachment points of the chest muscles I will not be able to change how they look.

That said, if your issue is one of the pecs not being equally full or developed, or that one pec is much bigger or stronger than the other, there is hope. You can equalize the size of your pecs by concentrating first on incorporating more dumbbell work into your training. Often times, those that rely heavily on a barbell in their training will find that they have pec or chest muscle imbalances. The barbell allows you to push more with your stronger side and still have the barbell reach its apex during a press. The weaker side gets compensated for and the imbalance persists.

If you use dumbbells for your chest exercises however, you are able to isolate the weaker side and force it to have to keep up if you want to be able to press the same amount of weight. One additional suggestion when using dumbbells is to lift them one at a time. Take the free hand and touch your working pec muscles to ensure proper mind muscle connection and contraction. As you improve your ability to contract the smaller side pec, you’ll likely see how much faster you get that pec to respond in both size and strength.

Finally, to bring up the smaller pec and correct the chest muscle imbalance, add some extra volume to your weekly work load. With a few additional sets per week devoted to the weaker side pec, press your way to equality by adding 12-15 sets. As long as you are maxing out your intensity with each of these sessions you should notice a rapid change in the appearance of your uneven pecs.

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