How to Gain More Muscle (FIX THIS STRENGTH STEALER!!)

Overlook nothing in your training and build muscle fast!

The biggest mistake that those wanting to know how to gain more muscle is that they often times focus on the big things, and overlook the little things. As a physical therapist I can tell you, it’s the smaller things that keep you small and need to be fixed. In this video, I show you how to add more muscle by fixing one of the most common muscle building mistakes hardgainers and others face.

I show you how a lack of proper mobility in one of the smallest joints in your body can cause you to lose power and strength. We zero in on the wrist joint and show you how lacking proper extension can compromise your ability to lift heavier weights on exercises like the hang clean, thrusters, overhead press, and front squat.

Lack of motion in your wrists can even hurt your ability to do bench press and pushups, therefore costing you a chance to build a bigger chest. With the quick fix I show you how to increase your range of motion in your wrists to more easily get into the position needed to lift heavy weights on these classic muscle building exercises.

By performing this easy self mobilization, you’re able to increase your wrist extension within minutes. Remember to squeeze beyond the point of your radius and ulna. here, apply pressure to the proximal row of the carpal bones in the downward direction as you move your wrist into extension.

Do this about 10 times and then retest. You will see a large improvement in your range of motion that will carry over into your lifts. This increased range should give you the ability to lift heavier weights and build muscle much faster.

The secret for how to gain muscle and build muscle fast is in not overlooking the smaller things in your training. Muscle gains come from doing the right things…consistently.

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