Stop waiting for muscle gains and jolt new growth with these workouts

If you want to know how to gain muscle fast you have to be willing to first stop doing what you’ve been doing in the gym. All too often, guys wanting to build muscle will keep doing the same thing hoping for a different result…and it never comes. In order to gain muscle you need to subject your body to stresses it isn’t already accommodated to. The forced 40 technique is a muscle building protocol that works on even the most stubborn muscle groups.

To build muscle with this technique you choose a weight that causes you to fail in the 8 rep range for a particular exercise. For example, with chest a muscle group that I am beginning to focus on a bit more to build additional size…I chose the incline dumbbell bench press. Begin by performing a set to failure. With a rest period limited to no more than 60 seconds, perform another set, once again taking it to failure. Likely you will find that you will not be able to get the full 8 reps again. That is ok. Your goal is simply to keep performing sets with a maximum of 1 minute rest between them until all of your 40 reps are completed.

The effectiveness of this muscle gaining technique lies in the fact that you are adding slightly more rep volume using reps that are of high enough intensity to build muscle. People confuse volume training with just that, pure volume. That said, unless that volume is of sufficient intensity you will never be able to build muscle since it lacks the overload required to do that.

Gaining muscle fast is not something you can do with poor nutrition and a lack of recovery. You have to realize that in order to build muscle, you have to pay attention to all three components at all times. If your diet is filled with nonproductive calories you will not build muscle. You have to feed your muscles with the proper nutrients needed to support the regeneration of muscle and lean tissue that gets damaged during your workouts. Supplementation can definitely assist you in this cause by providing you with proper nutrients in the proper ratios on a regular basis and the ultimate convenience.

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