How to get a BIGGER UPPER CHEST - The "Ultimate Chest Exercise"

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Are you finding it hard to build a bigger upper chest? This is most likely because you are not using exercises that target how the chest actually works in your attempt to build it. The chest and the upper chest respond to more than just bench presses, pushups, dips and flys. In fact, in this video I’m going to show you a new way to train your chest to build it bigger and stronger with just a pair of dumbbells.

This chest exercise might be considered the ultimate chest exercise by some since it targets the main functions of the chest muscle. I’m talking about horizontal adduction and adduction of the shoulder, combined with the normal pressing action that you are familiar with. By combining elements of the guillotine press, we are also able to more effectively target the upper chest specifically by bringing the dumbbells closer to the neck (without endangering the shoulders or your own safety with a barbell near your neck!)

Learning how to get a bigger upper chest just takes a more scientific approach to your workouts. A true chest workout built around biomechanics will always win out over a chest workout that is based in bro science or the advice a local “weekend certification” personal trainer will give you.

When you’re ready to build more than just a bigger chest, then head over to and put the science back in strength for good. Target your shoulders, legs, biceps, back and arms along with your chest as you carve out an athletic physique from head to toe.

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