How to Get Abs by Standing Around (SERIOUSLY!)

How to get six pack abs by training like an athlete…

Who knew you could get an ab workout in by standing around? Well, not exactly. It’s not like I’m not going to have you work to get that six pack. In this video, I show you a great ab training technique that works your entire core and is something that you can do during the rest time of any exercises in your workouts.

This standing ab exercise works the rectus and obliques and becomes more challenging the heavier the weight is that you are holding. Beyond the contraction in your abs, you’re going to want to actively squeeze your chest, shoulders, legs, etc to teach your body to produce full body tension. This ability to generate tension is going to help you to get abs as well as become more efficiently strong during your other lifts.

This technique to get six pack abs is one that only requires a single dumbbell or kettlebell to perform. Simply hold it in one hand and contract the abs and obliques on the opposite side to make sure that your trunk doesn’t lean in the direction of the weight. Try to hold for 60 seconds (or during the rest time of your given exercise) and remember to repeat on the other side in between your next set.

Guys are always wondering what they need to do to get abs and how to get abs fast, but it comes down to much more than just the exercises they do when doing their six pack workouts. As you can see, doing indirect ab work at times separate from the dedicated ab workout can help greatly.

Your 6 pack abs will also be greatly affected by how good your nutrition plan is as well. No matter how toned your abs are, if they are hiding under a layer of fat you and everyone else will never see them. That said, the ATHLEAN-X program is incredibly effective at helping you to get abs fast. With it’s one two combination of effective pro athlete workouts and a fat stripping, muscle building meal plan you will see results like never before. You can find this workout at

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