How to Get ABS With a Swing! 6 KILLER Moves for 6 PACK ABS

The Complete Workout Program:

Think you can’t get in your ab workout because you don’t own tons of fancy equipment? Not so…with this week’s ab workout video I show you 6 Killer Ab Moves that you can do to get an impressive set of 6 Pack Abs without having to own anything, except a desire to get your workout done and have access to a park or swing set.

This ab video shows you how to use a swingset to perform the following ab exercises

Hanging Straight Leg Ab Raises x 10
Hanging Oblique Knee Raises x 10 each side
“TRX” Seat Knee Tucks x 20
“TRX” Seat Skier Tucks x 10 each side
“TRX” Single Leg Knee Tucks x 10 each side
Seat Rollouts x 10-20 reps

This abs workout shows you once again that with ATHLEAN-X style training you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment, you don’t even need a playground, you just need somewhere you can hang (a tree limb, pullup bar, etc) and something to roll out on like a physioball or ab wheel.

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