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If you want to know how to get big biceps and bigger arms in general, then you better stop looking for shortcuts and start looking for ways to work harder. In this video, I show you a fast way to start adding serious size to your biceps but it is not going to be easy. In fact, while the technique can be implemented as soon as your next set of your biceps workout, you will need to bring your intensity.

The single best training tip I can give you to build bigger biceps is to start focusing on the negative of every rep of curls you perform. Now, it’s easy to simply say this but it is a whole other thing to actually do it. The reason why people forget to do this is because it is frankly uncomfortable if you do it correctly.

The negative portion of a curl is the part where you lower the bar back down from the top of the biceps curl to your thighs. Most lifters allow the weight to drop much too quickly here. This is a huge mistake. Instead, if you were to focus your effort on only one part of the lift and had to choose to do it on either the lift or the descent, you would want to do it on the lowering.

The key is to slow it down and fight it with a strong eccentric contraction of the biceps. Ideally it will take you a full 3 to 4 seconds to lower the barbell back to your thighs. This is often ignored for one very good reason that we don’t even realize until we stop to think about it. This is that there are no repercussions when performing pulling movements to remind you to not forget about the negative.

For instance, if you think about the lowering of the bar during a bench press you would see that simply allowing the bar to crash to your chest without a controlled eccentric contraction would likely not be very comfortable! The same can be said about going into the descent during a squat. Simply dropping here would likely take both you and the bar to the floor, with you under it!

On pulling movements like the barbell curl and the lat pulldown however the fear factor is gone. Allow the weights to drop too fast and they simply just either drop to your thighs or the stack just returns to its resting position. So, you will mentally have to amp up your focus and resist the eccentric if you want to get bigger biceps by doing the same exercises.

This is just one of the tips that has helped me to develop the arms that I have, and it is one of my absolute best tips I can ever give you. That said, there are many more just like this that I have built into my Ultimate Arms program at in just one six week program. Train your entire body like an athlete while placing extra focus on your slow to grow biceps and arms and see how much faster you can see arm results.

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