How to Get Big Pecs - STARTING NOW!! (Chest Workout Sins!)

Don’t just stop at a bigger chest –

If you want to know how to get big pecs or a bigger chest, you have to look far beyond the chest exercises and workouts that you’re doing. In fact, you have to look at how you are doing your chest workouts to find the answer! In this video, I show you the most common chest workout mistakes that guys make that limits the size of their pecs. As you’ll notice, it’s not about how strong you are or how much you bench. It’s actually more about your ability to work the chest muscles as you originally intended them to work!

To start, one of the biggest flaws in a chest workout is the bench press exercise. Am I saying that the bench press is bad? No way. Not at all. In fact, it’s one of the premier chest exercises for building bigger pecs. The problem is, most guys don’t have a good ability to contract their pecs during the exercise. Instead, they focus on moving the weight from point A to point B without regard for the muscles they are contracting to do this. The result is chest muscles that are underfired and undertrained.

The next issue is the approach to chest isolation exercises. First of all, it’s a big mistake to look at any exercise as an isolation exercise. As you may know if you’ve been following ATHLEAN-X, all exercises are considered more beneficial if muscles are allowed to train together the way they are intended to.

In the chest exercise I show you in the video, you can quickly see how it can give you bigger pecs. It’s because you are able to overload on it much more safely and lift heavier weights without subjecting your pecs to injury as you might from the compromised low position of a fly. Even then, you can certainly do flys if you want. Just make sure to lift heavier weights on the exercise so you aren’t treating it like a sculpting exercise if you want to get a bigger chest and pecs.

These are just some of the mistakes that are often made in chest workouts. The result is smaller pecs and less size than is desired. If you want to get a bigger chest then it’s time to start training the right way and using the right type of chest workouts. You can find these in the ATHLEAN-X Training System at

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