How to Get Bigger Lats - Workout Tip (FIX THIS!!)

Build a big back training at home or the gym with this program

Training your lats is definitely the way to get a bigger wider back, but what if you have been doing this and still not seeing results? Time to look at one of the most common lat workout leaks that saps strength and size from your lats and holds you back from seeing the gains you should in your back workouts.

In this video I show you how something as small as your grip can become a big back workout mistake if you let it. By gripping the handle of a bar, d handle or pulley you are activating the flexors of the forearm. These muscles are intricately and functionally related to the flexors further up the arm, the biceps, and therefore encourage unwanted activation that the lats and back should be handling instead.

Now, we realize that the biceps are always going to be active during the lat pulldown by virtue of the fact that you are flexing or bending your elbow against resistance. The biceps are going to participate in producing this movement. That said, if you want to build a bigger, wider back you have to learn to minimize the force contribution of the biceps and shift the load to the lats.

To do this I show you a tip for connecting an ankle band that is normally used for leg kicks (adduction and abduction of the hip) to your wrist. With the grip taken out of the equation, you’re able to attack your back workouts with less compensation and more direct work being placed on the lat muscles themselves. If you have ever struggled to feel your lats doing all the work in your back workouts, start trying this tip and you’ll see you can get bigger lats much faster.

Try this exercise for your back and see how quickly you see results. If you want a complete workout program that puts the science back in strength and helps you to build more than just big lats and a thicker back, be sure to head to and get the 90 day training system. This same workout is used by today’s top professional athletes to build big strong backs and explosive muscles.

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