How to Get Insane Abs (3-D AB TRAINING VIDEO!!)

Get abs that look shredded from every angle here…

If you want to get truly insane abs you have to do 3-D ab exercises. What I mean is, if you want your abs to pop and look good in any light, you have to train your core and abs in all three planes of motion. Far too often, people rely on just crunches or planks thinking that will get them their best abs ever. Not enough. Your abs and core need to be worked in your frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes and in this video I show you just one example of how to do all three with one exercise.

The side plank pull ab exercise is truly one of the most athletic abs exercises out there. If you break it down plane by plane you can see exactly what I mean. First, in the sagittal plane, you engage the abs by pulling your knee into your chest. This is only effective however if you allow your pelvis to posteriorly rotate as you do this. Your abs are engaged with pelvic flexion not just hip flexion. Be sure to pull up far enough to allow this to happen.

Next, the frontal plane is severely challenged with the side plank position. Be sure to not allow your hips to drop down to the floor at all during this ab exercise to ensure that your core muscles are doing their job. If you keep dropping then you’re not properly resisting the force of gravity and therefore not working your abs hard enough to see the best results from the exercise.

Finally, the all important transverse plane. The pull of the band creates enough momentum that it makes you feel as if you want to roll your hips backward or forward during the exercise. Don’t let your body rotate at all. You have probably heard about anti-rotational ab work. This is a perfect example of that. If you want to build up the anti rotation strength in your six pack abs you need to prevent it from rotating during exercises that strongly challenge your ability to do so.

Remember, this is just one athletic abs exercise example. There are so many more. Not just that, but there are many more underperformed roles of the abdominal muscles including bottom up rotation, top down rotation, midrange training, obliques, and more. If you want a complete athletic workout program that builds a complete athletic physique and comes with a get ripped meal plan, be sure to head to and get your ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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