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Staying ripped when on the road can be quite a challenge. Between not having your usual food and not knowing what to do when you don’t have access to a gym to workout, you can quickly fall out of shape if you don’t have a solid plan. In this video, I share with you a recent interview I did with CNN anchor Richard Quest to reveal the best tips for staying fit when traveling without needing access to a fancy gym.

Before getting started however, it is important to realize the things that happen to your body when you travel for long stretches at a time. Prolonged sitting (as can happen when sitting on a long flight or in the car) can cause your hip flexors to shorten and get tight. When this happens, it can set off a cascade of adaptations that can lead to a condition known as anterior pelvic tilt.

When you have anterior pelvic tilt you develop weak glutes, a tight lower back, weak abs and as mentioned, tight hip flexors. You need to address each of these areas if you want to reverse the condition and fix it before it really sets in. I did a complete video on this and placed a link in this one to help you find out the step by step plan.

That said, when you find yourself in your hotel room, the least you can do is try and get moving to at least counteract all the time you just spent sitting as you traveled to your destination. Here the opportunities are endless, if you only open your eyes and look around. The hotel room can be a phenomenal gym if you are willing to move just a few pieces of furniture around and use objects for different purposes than you may have originally imagined.

For instance, the coffee table is instantly convertible into a step up platform or place for box jumps. Trust me, it’s strong enough! Move the desk chair out of the way and you have a place to do inverted rows or chinups to hit those hard to hit biceps and back when not having access to a gym. Even when a hotel does have a gym, they are often times understocked and full of simply cardio equipment leaving you with little options but to head to your room to get your strength work in.

This is where the hotel luggage rack comes in particularly handy! This piece of equipment goes ignored by most, that is unless you were hoping for somewhere to bang out some of the best bodyweight exercise in existence, the pullup. The luggage rack allows you to perform pullups without much trouble. Just be sure to test the sturdiness of it before committing to the first rep! While some may be a bit on the shaky side, I have yet to come across one that couldn’t support my weight.

Bottom line, when working out on the road there truly are no excuses. You can stay ripped on the road if you just open your eyes and expand your workout playbook. The ATHLEAN XERO program is a complete bodyweight workout plan that will help you to build muscle in just 6 weeks without using any equipment at all. You can find this program at and start building ripped, athletic muscle from anywhere.



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