HOW TO GET SIX PACK ABS...By Just Moving Your Arms!! (Secret 6 Pack Abs Exercise)

How the Pros Get Their Six Pack Abs

People always want to know how to get six pack abs and they’ll try almost every ab exercise there is in that pursuit. The problem is, unless you are including ab exercises into your workouts that are addressing ALL of the roles of the abdominal muscles then you’re likely to not see the best results possible.

In this video, I show you what I call my “secret” 6 pack abs exercise. I call it my secret abs exercise because it showcases a movement that most guys and gals are overlooking in their ab workouts simply because they don’t see the role of the abs completely (or haven’t been told what that is!)

In order to fully engage the ab muscles you have to be sure to target their role as anti-rotators and anti-trunk lean controllers. You’ve probably heard the term pillar strength before when it comes to the importance of the abs and how to get a six pack. But unless you’re working on this feature of ab strength in every an workout you do, you’re likely not going to see the results you are capable of.

In this ab exercise, I show you how you can use either a TRX, a homemade version of a TRX using a dog leash, or even using a cable machine. What you use isn’t that important, but how you do this killer core exercise is!

After trying this and seeing just how important it is to add six pack ab exercises like this in your pursuit of a 6 pack, then be sure to head over to to get a complete 90 day program that will take you step by step to your goal!

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