How to Get Stronger on EVERY EXERCISE (Works Immediately!)

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Whether you are wondering how to get stronger or just how to put on more muscle, any plan of attack should focus on increasing strength. Even if you’re not training for pure strength there is definitely a correlation between muscle size and how strong you are. That said, your workout program should be pushing you to progressively lift more weight so you can experience the muscle growth benefits of overload.

The challenge however is making significant strength gains from workout to workout. Lots of times, experienced lifters will hit plateaus in their ability to continue to add strength. It just gets hard to lift more weight on every exercise when you are already at your near max for those exercises. New exercisers will find it much easier to add more weight because of their rapidly adapting neural gains.

That said, neural gains don’t just come from getting a better mind muscle link and motor unit activation. You can trigger neural gains in muscle by simply making a more conscious effort to activate and co-contract the muscles up and down the kinetic chain during all exercises. By doing this, you create a stable chain and therefore a more efficient energy transfer to the working muscles. The end result is you learn how to get stronger on every exercise and you lift more weight every workout.

With the three exercises that I show you in this video you will see how to get stronger by just making a few of these changes and plugging what I call are the neural leaks. By closing the gaps on these leaks you will direct more force to the working muscles and allow you to lift heavier.

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