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If you want to get bigger more vascular arms then you have to get a few things right or it simply won’t happen. To start, you better plan on getting your nutrition in check. You see, big arms are great but you won’t see any vascularity if your arms are covered in layers of fat. In order to get those veins popping through your forearms and biceps you better get yourself down to less than ten percent body fat.

Are you still with me? Good, because there is more you can do to improve your ability to get vascularity as well. One thing we know is that change in tissue temperature will make someone appear more or less vascular. In the winter when the ambient temperature is cold, your body will have a tendency to look less vascular. This is because your veins will sink further from the surface to stay closer to your warmer core temperature. When it’s hot out in the Summer, your veins will actually migrate closer to the surface to allow your body to transfer away some of the accumulated heat to better regulate your body’s temperature and prevent overheating.

That said, contrast baths are an incredible way for training the ability of your veins to respond to things like increases in tissue temperature (whether it be ambient or from direct increase in the tissue itself). When you train with weights, the increased blood flow will temporarily increase the temperature of the muscles you are working. As the blood flows into the working muscle, the heat and redness (and vascularity) will increase.

The degree to which this happens (and the length or sustainability of this long after training has ended) are mostly determined by the condition of the smooth muscle lining of the vessels and their ability to respond to the conditions. For instance, if your vessels are not as responsive as they could be you will never experience as big a pump as you should nor have the vascularity at low body fat levels that you should.

This ability can be improved however by including some very high rep training into your arm workouts to ensure that you are challenging the ability of the vessels to expand and respond to your demands. If you never include super high rep training for your arms then you will want to start. I show you a 400 rep sequence using just a bar that hits your biceps and forearms in one killer sequence.

This is scaleable for beginners and intermediate as well by performing 40 or 70 reps respectively of each of the exercises in this bigger more vascular arms circuit. Remember, the more frequently you include this type of training and the more dedicated you are to your nutrition the faster you will see the benefits of greater arm vascularity from this.

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