How to GO LOW (Squat Deeper Instantly!)

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You know that in order to get better results from your squats that you need to squat low, or at least deeper than you squat right now. We always think that we don’t squat low enough. Sometimes this happens because we don’t have adequate quad strength and sometimes it is due to flexibility or mobility issues. In this video, I show you how to squat lower and how to go deeper into your squats with two quick tips.

In fact, you can incorporate the squat tips I show you here into your very next leg workout.

The proper squat depth is needed to help put the focus on the legs and not on the back or knees. Learning how to squat deeper though is about much more than technique and strength (as you’ll see in this video). The squat exercise requires equal parts mobility, flexibility and strength. One without the other is not enough to execute proper squat form let alone to start banging out ass to grass squats.

People will often ask, how low should I squat. My answer is always, as low as you can squat without compromising your other joints. Well, now you should be able to start to do low squats and improve your squat with just a little bit of practice.

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