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There are things you can do to look bigger fast, by actually making your muscles bigger and not just sizing down your wardrobe to tighter fitting clothes. The key is to target the right muscles and learn how to hit them harder by changing just a few of the ways you do your exercises. In this video, I show you how to get bigger traps with two exercises, while at the same time, help you to avoid one of the common pitfalls of trap exercises along the way.

In an effort to get a bigger looking upper body, guys will train their traps. The problem is, often times this has the exact opposite effect they were looking for as it tends to narrow down their shoulders and give them a steeper slope instead of broadening out the shoulder girdle. The end result is that they end up looking smaller and narrower rather than bigger and wider.

This can be avoided however by making sure to not just work your shoulders, but figure out a way that you can train the delts along with the traps to give you a wide look. This is often ironically, something that we will do inadvertently as we do dumbbell side lateral raises for our shoulders. We will involve the traps too much. On this exercise, it takes away from the focus that the exercise should provide to the middle delts.

Here however, you are wanting to get the delts to be involved as they help to support the efforts of the traps (which are predominantly responsible for executing the exercise). The two exercises shown are a standard dumbbell shoulder shrug and a new exercise which is essentially a hybrid between a hgih pull and a bent over row.

First the dumbbell shrug is modified to get your arms away from your body a bit and to bend your elbows so that you are instantly activating the deltoids as well as the traps. With just this one change, one that Dwayne Johnson adopts in his training, you are effectively hitting the delts much more than with the narrower grip dumbbell shrug affords you. You can actually see the greater involvement of the delts when performed in this manner.

Second, we move onto the newer exercise creation for your upper back and traps. This one is a hybrid row and high pull that will hit your traps, rhomboids, lats and delts. Once again, here you are integrating multiple muscle groups together at the same time and allowing you to lift more weight in the process. When applying the heavier weights with the combined delt and trap activation, you create the illusion you are looking for without compromising the width gained from working the delts.

Faster results can be achieved when training the traps because of the higher tissue density of androgen receptors in these muscles. If you train them hard and you train them right, you will see in just a few weeks, noticeable differences in the size of your traps because of this physiologic layout.

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