How to Squat More Weight WITHOUT SQUATTING! - Leg Workout Tip

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We all know that the squat is one of the best exercises for building bigger legs. It is also the subject of one of the most often asked lifting questions, and that is, how do I squat more weight? In this video I give you a leg workout tip that you can use to not only squat more weight but to also see how you can safely protect your back and avoid an injury that might come attempting to progressively overload the squat exercise.

In order for a leg exercise, or any for that matter, to be effective I believe it has to have two qualities.

1. It must be able to be safely overloaded

2. It must provide the highest degree of functional carryover.

Traditional back squats fall just a bit short in both of these categories, well, when compared to single leg squatting that is. This is because in an attempt to reach maximal overload on a squat, the weakest link is often never the legs…but instead it’s the back. Your legs are always going to be stronger than your lower back, therefore minimizing the contribution of the back to your squatting is going to allow you to lift more weight and get stronger legs.

Secondly, though highly functional, the back squat is not as athletically functional as the single leg squat exercise due to it’s foot positioning and leg positioning which is far less common than a split stance (or one with one foot in the air and the other on the ground). The single leg squat exercise allows you to more closely mimic the demands of the leg muscles in function and sports and therefore makes it a preferred leg exercise in my lower body workouts.

Men’s Fitness magazine wrote also chimed in on this topic with an article they wrote on two tips for how to increase the weight you’re using on your squats. You can read about that here –

After trying the leg exercise variation shown in this video on how to squat more weight, be sure to head over to to get an entire 90 day workout program showing you how to increase the weights you’re lifting on all muscle groups!

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