How to Squat with Knee Pain - SQUAT FIX!! (Knee Pain No More!)

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The squat is by far one of most foundational leg exercises, but also one of the most often incorrectly performed. If you want to know how to squat without pain, then you need to watch this video and incorporate the two tips for eliminating knee pain while squatting.

The squat fix begins by making sure to dig your elbows down into your sides rather than allowing them to freely float out away from the bar. By doing this, you depress the scapula and stabilize them against the ribcage. This acts to tighten up the upper back and add stability to the spine from the top of the kinetic chain downwards!

Next, most importantly, when beginning the squat you want to feel as if you are “pulling” youself down into the squat. This acts to engage the psoas and hip flexors. Most often the source of knee pain and discomfort when squatting comes not from the knees but from the hips being misaligned and taking it out on the knees! By activating the psoas you can stabilize the lumbar spine, establish the proper curve in this area and sit back deeper into the squat. By sitting deeper and backwards more you take the anterior pressure off of the knee that you would get by forgetting to do this.

Have any type of knee pain at all (whether caused by patellar tendonitis, meniscal tears, etc) and this anterior driven force makes your problems that much greater.

If you have knee pain at all, and have stayed away from squatting during your leg workouts then make sure you give this tip a try. You should actually feel the difference in even the next rep you perform. Turn this powerful leg arsenal into one that works for you again with this squat knee pain fix. It’s time to see how to squat with knee pain again and overcome it once and for all.

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