How to Stretch BEFORE Working Out (QUADS and LEGS)

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Stretching is always one of those things that either gets overlooked before your workouts or is done the wrong way. Not sure which one is worse. If you do the wrong stretch before working out you can actually decrease your strength during the workout. If you don’t warmup at all, you could injure yourself and pull a muscle.

In this video, I show you the best way to stretch your quads and legs before working out or before a game. You’ll see that it is very different from the static stretch that you should do when you are trying to increase the length of the muscle.

When learning how to stretch before working out you have to consider a few issues. The first is that you are primarily trying to increase blood flow to the muscle and mobilize the joints the muscles cross to feel more loose and ready for your workout. You are not trying to increase the length of the muscle. That said, a pre workout stretching routine would consist of movements that are dynamic and keep the limb in motion throughout the stretch.

You only want to statically hold a stretch for 30-60 seconds if you are trying to increase tissue length. Even then, doing it once per week and thinking that you are actually going to have an impact on that is a mistake. Static stretches need to be done very regularly (almost daily) if you want to reverse the muscle tightnesses that you have accumulated after years of neglecting stretching.

Dynamic stretches need to be done through constant motion, as I demonstrate here with the combination quad and hamstring stretch. Dynamic stretches without an attention to passive stretches will limit their effectiveness. The best stretching routine will have a balance between both passive and dynamic stretches for each muscle group.

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