How YOU REALLY Burn Calories (Not what you thought!)

Burn more calories in less time than all traditional cardio workouts

When it comes to burning calories, and workouts that claim to help you burn 1500 calories in 30 minutes, you have to be skeptical. Why? Because there is simply no way to make these claims without knowing 6 pieces of information about you, that is critical for determining how many calories you are going to burn from that workout.

In this video I show you how to determine the numbers of calories you will burn from your workouts by answering 6 key factors. I call these my fat loss factors since they are entwined with our ability to not just burn calories but burn body fat as well.

The first two factors (your age and gender) are most likely unable to be changed! You can however focus on your last two factors. This is your workout intensity and the amount of anaerobic exercise you are doing in your traditional cardio workout. You see, old school aerobic workouts just can’t compare to the calorie burn and muscle building you get from combined anaerobic and aerobic workouts.

The burst training conditioning workouts found in the ATHLEAN-X program are exactly the type of calorie burning workouts that help you to lose fat but keep your muscle at the same time. The example workout provided in this video is just one way to burn calories fast and experience fat burning without having to sacrifice your hard earned muscle.

For a complete workout program that helps you to burn off calories and give you ways to burn calories fast (with all workouts completed in under 40-60 minutes) then head to and get the pro athlete endorsed ATHLEAN-X workout program.

For other fat burning calorie loss workouts and tips, as well as videos on muscle building, supplementation and nutrition be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel at

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