Hunter Labrada's 5 Moves To Massive Shoulders

Your shoulders matter greatly in the mission for mass. Use these 5 moves to add to your aesthetic masterpiece.

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Your shoulders are one of your most visible physical features. People can tell if your delts are on point, whether you’re wearing a shirt or not. If your caps aren’t full enough, do something about it! These five moves will help you build stare-worthy shoulders from the front, back, and side.

This quick, hardcore workout begins with some of my favorite free-weight isolation exercises, then moves to machine lifts, which allow you to hoist heavy iron even after your stabilizer muscles fatigue.

The workout gives special attention to two particular areas: the rear and lateral deltoid heads. The aim is to hit these muscles hard before moving to a machine press for overall development.

Once your shoulders are shot, machines can help you push past the point of failure, delivering even greater gains in shoulder size and thickness.

Check out the video, use the helpful tips, and get on track with your training!

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