IFBB Pro Craig Capurso's Ultimate Shoulder Workout

Hang cleans, epic eccentrics, and Tabata-style reps make Craig Capurso’s Ultimate shoulder workout one you won’t forget. Strap in, and prepare for a hard hour!
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Think you’re up for training shoulders with Craig Capurso? Don’t expect it to be the same old press-then-isolated-delt-raises routine. This Cellucor-sponsored IFBB physique pro and longtime Bodybuilding.com spokesmodel has turned his training on its head in recent years, taking a big step away from the classic bodybuilding approach. And guess what? He doesn’t regret it for a moment.

Ready for an unconventional take on shoulders? Capurso will have you sucking wind after your first exercise, before you move on to a challenging Olympic-lifting staple. Then, he takes intensity a step further with eccentric training and Tabata-inspired isolation work to hit you so hard you’ll feel it for days to come

Capurso says his Ultimate Shoulder Workout will improve your power, strength, muscle size, and muscle endurance—all in a single 60-minute workout. “You hit it hard, then you’re out. But just like with my Ultimate Back workout, this is going to be one very challenging hour.”

Ready to do a few joint circles to warm up? Not exactly what Capurso has in mind for you today. How about a 4-minute round of CrossFit-style kettlebell swings instead? It’ll get your blood circulating, pump up your heart rate, loosen up your joints—and make your muscles nice and pliable for the killer workout to come.

Do these kettlebell swings using both arms simultaneously. Select a load you can do for about 20 reps, then do the swings Tabata-style: alternate 20-second work segments with 10-second rest intervals until you finish the 4 minutes. Use a smooth and deliberate motion to help elongate the range of motion around joints, not to reach muscle fatigue.

Don’t be a hero with weight selection, either. This is a warm-up, not a finisher!

Much like with his back day, Capurso puts the most challenging movement, the hang clean, right up front when your energy levels are highest and you can really load on the plates.

You may associate hang cleans with Olympic lifters or football players, but Capurso loves them for building “those bulging shoulders and traps.” He also likes them because they aren’t as difficult to learn as some Olympic-lifting movements.


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