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It’s always cool when I get a chance to “hangout” with some of the members of “TEAM ATHLEAN” to answer their most pressing nutrition, workout, supplementation and fitness questions. Today I was joined by 5 guys who covered the gamut on all of those topics. Whether you are just starting out with your workouts or are a seasoned veteran, you’re sure to find this hangout relevant to you and some of the challenges you may be facing in your current fitness approach.

I time stamped each of the questions from this hangout to allow you to more quickly browse to the ones that are most relevant to you…however of course I would suggest that if you sat back and relaxed you could find the whole video helpful.

That said, if you yourself would like to have your questions answered on a hangout just like this in the future…be sure to head over to and become a member of TEAM ATHLEAN by picking up the program today! Without further ado…let’s get to the questions (and your answers!)

1:51 – Jeff…what did you eat today…exactly?!?
4:52 – What type of protein bars do you suggest?
7:44 – What do you feel about postworkout carbs? How much sugar should we have?
11:24 – Should I always be looking to increase weights on every set or should I pick a weight that just lets me fail in the 8-12 rep range?
16:42 – What’s next up from ATHLEAN-X (sneak peek at NXT)
24:52 – I hate cooking…do you have any other mass preparation recipes? (cook once…eat for the rest of the week)
27:24 – I want to put on size without adding fat. Can my scale weight go up without losing my leanness and abs?
33:14 – Is it a myth that you can only start really developing serious muscle after the age of 21?
36:34 – I have done your HIIT training and lost 60 lbs but have lost a lot of weight in my face …is there anything I can do about that. Still hold onto a bit in the midsection too.
39:00 – Other than 1,3 Dimethylamylamine are there any other supplements that you think are dangerous for me to take?
43:13 – Are cheat meals actually valuable to muscle growth or breaking through a plateau?
47:22 – Final comments about ATHLEAN-X from members of TEAM ATHLEAN!

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