Incline Bench Press - TactiX Revealed!

One of the most popular exercises is the Incline Bench Press. Whether you’re doing barbell incline bench or dumbbell incline bench…the ability of this exercise to effectively target the hard to develop upper chest makes it a staple of any upper body routine.

That said, most people are doing it all wrong!

From the angle of the bench to the position of the thumbs during the press, there are a couple of very quick instant fixes that can be done to improve not only your performance on this exercise, but mostly the results you get from doing it!

As you’ll see….effective training requires correct technique. The AthLEAN-X Training System builds all the techniques into the exercises in the program and ensures nothing but fast, impressive results. Find out more by going to and see how “training like an athlete” can give you the body of one in just 90 days!

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