One of the most effective ways to increase your vertical jump is to use bodyweight exercises since that is what you are ultimately going to have to power off the ground during game action. When it comes to sorting through all the lower body bodyweight exercises out there, the important thing is to choose ones that are explosive.

For that, I went to the “vertical jump king” Jack Cascio and challenged him to come up with a killer lower body exercise that used nothing more than bodyweight. The results are explosive….especially the single leg variation of this.

It’s possible to increase your vertical jump if you’re combining elements of strength and power into your exercises. You can’t have one without the other. Like everything else in AthLEAN-X, athleticism is a key part of delivering the unique results that the program delivers.

You can copy the same exact system that elite professional athletes from all 4 major sports are doing to get ripped, lean, muscular and athletic bodies. Get the AthLEAN-X training system at

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