Get Another Ab Workout:

The term “insane ab workout” is often an overused term…but not in this case. This 120 rep ab workout is a true sizzler that requires nothing more than a pair of socks and a slippery surface! While other ab workouts focus on ab plank exercises this one goes way beyond that and pushes you to the limits with frog planks, under planks, “X” planks and more!

For an ab workout to be challenging it needs to be one that demands a lot from you in a short period of time. Let’s face it, any ab workout that takes more than 10 minutes is one that you will likely not stick to for very long. If you can’t stay consistent with an ab exercise or ab workout then you’re going to stop doing it and you’ll stop getting results.

With the ATHLEAN-X workout system and celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere that’s not possible. With quick, effective ab workouts and over 20 unique ab workouts to choose from (including 105 ab exercises) you will never run out of ways to scorch your abs and get that 6 pack showing! Head to and get your ATHLEAN-X Training System after you’ve tried out this challenging hard wood ab workout.

For more 6 pack abs workouts and ab exercises you can do anywhere, be sure to subscribe to our workout videos here on youtube at

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