Insane Home Leg Workout - The NCAA "Sweat 16" Leg Workout – Get the entire ATHLEAN-X Workout

Does your home leg workout feel hard enough for you to actually help you build your legs? Most don’t. In fact, most guys will tell you that without traditional squats, leg presses, leg extensions or other mass building leg exercises that you won’t be able to build your legs enough training them at home.

They would be wrong.

In fact, with the right leg workout, one that trains your legs explosively with box jumps, one legged squats, split squats, etc you can not only build your legs but get them bigger faster by tapping into the fibers that respond best to this type of leg workout.

The “Sweat 16” is just that. It’s a leg workout that will have your legs burning and throbbing within 16 minutes. The best part about it is that you can easily do this at home or in your home gym with only a bench to jump on, some dumbbells or a bar, and your own bodyweight. Home leg workouts have never been this productive this quick. But then again, you haven’t been training with ATHLEAN-X if they haven’t.

It’s time to change up your leg workout. Try the “Sweat 16” Leg workout and then be sure to head over to for even more. The 90 day training program has over 40 unique leg exercises guaranteed to train you like an athlete and get you looking like one in record time. See you on “TEAM ATHLEAN”!

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