Insane NEW Shoulder Exercise - A Shoulder Workout "MUST"!

Get More “MMI” Shoulder Exercises:

When deciding what shoulder exercises to do to make up your shoulder workout the focus should never remain strictly on the shoulders! In fact, if you want to get even better results from your workouts you need to start training muscles the way that they are meant to be trained….and you’ll get an additive effect!

Enter MMI or “Maximum Muscle InteraXion”. MMI allows the muscles of the entire upper body to function and work together to produce even greater size and strength gains than could be achieved by training either the chest, shoulders or abs in isolation.

As you’ll see in this insane “shoulder” exercise…not only will you be working out your shoulders with this shoulder press variation, (specifically the front delts) but also the upper chest and abs at the same time. By doing these together in one exercise you can be sure that you tie in all of the muscle groups that are supposed to train together.

For more exercises like this, and an entire workout program based on the exact way that pro athletes work out for maximum muscle interaXion…head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System created by celebrity pro athlete trainer Jeff Cavaliere.

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