Jack3d Forced To Switch To New Formula - HERE'S WHY! (it's bad)

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Jack3d is one of the most popular preworkout supplements out there. That is until recently when the FDA forced them to change their formula to the new Jack3d micro formula. On the surface, USPlabs will tell you that they reformulated for other reasons however it was made very public that the reason why this and other companies were warned to make the switch. This is because the original Jack3d is a dangerous supplement.

The inclusion of DMAA or 1,3-dimethylamylamine was a risk that some would argue was not worth taking. Sure, these supplement companies (not just USPLabs) that included it in their supplements were able to line their pockets for over a year at the expense of the health of some of those taking it.

Now, did everyone who took this pre-workout supplement feel the dangerous side effects? Of course not. I would hope it wouldn’t have stayed on the market for as long as it had if this was the case. However, after mounting evidence suggested that ingesting geranium or DMAA in supplemental form could lead to abnormally high blood pressure and cerebral hemorrhage risk, the crackdown was made to get it off the shelves.

The problem is…I received an email this week from a very popular supplement company that was advertising both Oxy-Elite and Jack3d on sale. They were trying to push the supplement off the shelves as fast as possible and telling people to stock up on the original Jack3d formula before it was gone. I’m sure they will go on to sell the new Jack3d micro formula even though the original was removed for health reasons. Any way to make a buck I guess.

Anyway, the point of this video is to show you the chronology of how Jack3d was made to change formulas, the evidence pointing to the dangers of the original formula and why I feel like this decision was made very very late.

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