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Spokesmodels tend to have entrepreneurial aims because they possess the motivation required. Jaquelyn found something she loved and made a career of it.

Power finds its base in ability. If you are able to do something, and actually practice it, your body will progress to ability with power. It comes from many sources, starting with food and water. The basics of survival provide the body with fuel and fluids that empower cells to work their membranes off.

Jaquelyn Kastelic uses two progressive sources to power her body and her life. It starts with the paleo diet, a simple program that avoids processed foods almost completely. The diet fuels her workouts, almost exclusively driven by CrossFit, a smorgasbord of exercises performed in sequence and measured by time.

Of course, there is more to Jaquelyn than just her regimens. That’s why we investigated every degree of her life circle. See how one of our spokesmodels tries to empower the fit through cross training and nutrition.

Jaquelyn began her career as a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness in 2006. At the time, she already had a few competitions under her belt and possessed a growing passion for health, fitness, and helping others.

Her contest history began in the realm of women’s tri-fitness, an competition that contains a physique round and fitness skills: bench press, box jumps, shuttle run, an obstacle course and an optional fitness routine round. Her tri-fitness career spanned competitions from 2005-09. She won the Grace and Physique title in 2008 and 2009.

Her CrossFit journey began in 2009 with a sudden burst. Some things take time to grow on us, but some experiences are so life-changing that the effect is instantaneous. When CrossFit entered her life, Jaquelyn was never the same.

“I tried one workout and was instantly hooked by the intensity and new challenge,” Kastelic says. “In 2011 I opened my own affiliate, CrossFit Unrivaled. I had been a personal trainer and coach since 2006, so this had always been a dream of mine. Since opening up the gym I haven’t stepped on stage; it’s kept me busier than I would even imagine. Now that I feel a bit more settled, I’m ready for the stage again!”

Jaquelyn started in fitness at a young age, inspired by watching her father work out when she was only a 3-year-old. He had his own little garage gym and she would sit there and watch him lift weights. As she and her siblings grew up, he always reminded them: “You guys need to get into fitness.”

“I didn’t know what that meant until high school, when I took a weight training class for P.E. and my gym coach noticed that I was strong for a girl. That motivated me; I like to be strong!”

The fit bug dug in deep under Jaquelyn’s skin when she was in college. She picked up the weights to start making sure she stayed motivated. She started hitting the gym hard. The university gym also introduced her to people who competed in bodybuilding and figure and helped her get a start in the world of pro fitness.

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