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Building a big, strong chest should be at the top of every MVP’s to-do list. Jason Wheat’s compound-based, pyramid-driven chest workout will help you get the job done.

Follow Jason’s Full Routine Here: http://bbcom.me/1FFRvP1

In pursuit of bigger pecs, most gym-goers slide under the bar every Monday to celebrate International Chest Day. They knock out a few sets of bench presses for 10-12 reps, play around with a few more accessory movements, and call it a day. Don’t get me wrong: training like this to build a big chest is fine, but it’s not enough to qualify you for MVP status.

In my book, an MVP is someone who trains for more than aesthetics. Man or woman, an MVP trains to look good, build strength, and perform well. An MVP wants to push the boundaries of every category on every body part and turn every workout into a challenge, not a walk in the park. Put simply, an MVP wants to build a chest that’s big and strong.

With that in mind, the goal of this chest workout is to help you build size and strength simultaneously. Throw this sucker into your split and your body will get better at working under a heavy load. Heavier weights will allow you to do more damage, see more growth, and put up even bigger numbers in the gym over time.

If you’re used to doing 3 sets of 10-12 reps, this workout could throw you for a loop. You’re going to be working for fewer reps, but you’ll be putting a lot more weight on the bar. You’ll still get the blood pumping and build mass, but you’ll get the added benefit of increased strength.

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