Jim Stoppani Comes Home To Bodybuilding.com!

It’s happened! One of the world’s great authorities on muscle building has once again joined forces with Bodybuilding.com in an exciting new partnership. The real beneficiary? It’s you!
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Some things are just better together. Bodybuilding.com and Dr. Jim Stoppani definitely fall into this camp. We don’t know anyone as dedicated to providing both established lifters and aspiring ones with useful, practical training and nutritional information as Dr. Stoppani. His six-week programs Shortcut to Size, Shortcut to Shred, and Shortcut to Strength have collectively helped millions worldwide to change their lives and meet their goals. Now, we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Dr. Stoppani to provide more of the programs, guidance, and supplements you told us you want.

“It’s been my home,” Dr. Stoppani tells Jas Krdzalic, the president of Vitalize, Bodybuilding.com’s parent company. “You can expect great content, new programs, new videos, new products.”

He’s back, and together we’re ready to make the world a stronger place. Welcome home, Jim Stoppani!


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