John Cena Workout - Machines and Light Weights?!?

Workout like John Cena:

John Cena workouts are legendary. Look up any video of his workouts here on youtube and you’ll see one thing – intensity. With a combination of heavy weights, compound exercises and explosive power, John Cena “brings it” each and every time he hits the gym.

That said, in an issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine, John Cena’s workout was posted and it looked nothing like the one we have come so used to seeing. Why is that? Because you can’t always take a workout like John Cena is doing in those pages and think that it’s the ONLY workout that he is doing all year round.

Take into consideration his movie prep, WWE travel schedule and the fact that he simply has to save his energy for the ring and you realize that sometimes he has to go lighter in the gym if he wants to be recovered enough to perform his job in the ring!

With ATHLEAN-X you are able to do the same thing. You can train like an athlete and still get in the required rest and recovery that is needed to allow your muscles to grow and respond to your workouts. As all superstars in the WWE know, in order to achieve results you need balance in your training. Let ATHLEAN-X be your balance. You can get this program at

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