Judgment Day | Day 55 | Kris Gethin's 8-Week Hardcore Training Program

I hope you’ve seen some amazing progress over these eight weeks. Now it’s time to appreciate how far you’ve come, and to do something nice for yourself.
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I’m heading back to Dr. Jason Watson’s clinic today for my final check-in. If you recall at the beginning of this program, my stats were:

Weight: 224.7 lbs.
Body fat: 19.5%

Eight weeks later, I’m at:
Weight: 211.4 lbs.
Body fat: 11%

These final numbers have been eye-opening for a number of reasons. First, I lost a total of 13 pounds, which, if that was all fat loss, might not appear that dramatic. But Dr. Watson and the machines he used to measure my results show that I’ve actually lost 20.5 pounds of fat and gained more than seven pounds of lean mass—of which two pounds is solid muscle tissue.

I have to say that this is almost unheard of, especially in such a short period. Usually gaining two pounds of muscle tissue per year is my goal. To do that in eight weeks is absolutely phenomenal! I consider this a testament to my meticulous timing with every meal, the intensity of my workouts, and the potency of Kaged Muscle supplements.

To further illustrate how amazing these results are, Dr. Watson explained the impact this change in my physique can have on my heart. For every pound of body fat you carry, he says, your heart has to pump blood to approximately 1 mile of capillaries. That means I’ve reduced the pumping load on my heart by 20 miles. In the process, I’ve reduced the stress on my heart, and maybe even increased my longevity.

This is why I do these transformations, to show you that this lifestyle is about changing your life for the better. It’s more than just wanting to look great–although I don’t mind that at all. It’s much more about feeling better within your body and enhancing your health.

Such a large part of this process has been about focusing on recovery. With plenty of time for rest and recovery across these eight weeks, I’ve continually felt refreshed and ready to hit the gym harder than the time before. Along with ample rest, regular cryotherapy and massage have helped alleviate my previous issues with joint pain and inflammation.

Add to that the Kaged Muscle supplements I’ve been using, with their patented ingredients and effective dosages, along with a very good diet. All of these inputs have enabled my muscles to recover and grow like never before. Individually, each of these factors might seem insignificant. But put them altogether, and you create an overwhelming amount of momentum, as we’ve done over the last eight weeks together.

I was just a normal guy from a very rural part of Wales, who had very little other than the determination to become someone and inspire millions of people. Your own journey can begin today if you’re willing to put this program into action. Don’t dream about it, do it!

After all the work you’ve done to get to this point, it’s time to reward yourself. But instead of going on a big food binge, find another way. Rewarding yourself with food usually leads to bad eating patterns, so don’t go down that route. I just treated myself to some new triathlon gear and am having some of my tattoos touched up. What’s going to do it for you?


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