Just Another Tuesday- Get-Up, Eat, Train! Gym vLoggin! Get Your Strength Back! Chest & Triceps!

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Start building more strength today! (BAR GRIPS)

Let me take you through my chest and triceps routine as I offer some of my tips and tricks to help you maximize your gains! #HTH

(0:16)- Lunch Time! Cooking like a champ!
(1:37)- On my way to the gym- Chest / Triceps / Glutes
(2:37)- Dumbbell Chest Press (Burn Set)
(6:03)- Standing Calf Raise (superset with every exercise)
(6:59)- Dumbbell Chest Press (Set 2)
(11:32)- Erica- Bulgarian Split Squats
(12:38)- Dumbbell Chest Press (Set 3)
(15:17)- Erica- Standing Single-Leg Press
(16:26)- Incline Dumbbell Press
(19:16)- Incline Dumbbell Fly
(21:42)- Powerbombs
(23:23)- Skull Crushers
(25:20)- Erica- Standing Rear Leg Raise
(26:27)- Single-Arm Overhead Extension

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