Just Lift! Chest & Back- Muscle Growth

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The pump from this workout was UNREAL! If you’re looking to switch up your back and chest routines, why not combine them for a pump like never before?

This workout will take a lot out of you the first few times you attack it. But then again, isn’t that the point of a workout? To push you to reach new limits? Be sure to follow proper form and as you fatigue it is ok to lower your weights. Your goal should be to lift as HEAVY as you can for the rep rages provided. You and YOU ALONE will be the only one to determine what that amount is. So break free of all mental barriers and give this workout OVER 9000%!

• 4 super sets
• 4 sets per superset
• Reps range will vary per exercise
• 30 seconds MAX rest between sets

(0:02)- Meal Prep! Chicken, Rice & Sweet Potato Fries
(0:48)- Jane Oil Change
(2:53)- Routine sets & reps

(3:02)- Superset 1
(3:04)- Deadlift (15 reps)
(3:40)- Push-Up (30 reps)

(4:13)- Iron Bull .5 pound weights
Link: http://tinyurl.com/IronBullStrength-SHF

(4:22)- Superset 2
(4:26)- Bench Press (10 reps)
(5:05)- Pull-Up (10 reps)

(5:40)- Superset 3
(5:41)- Dumbbell Incline Press (10 reps)
(6:28)- T-Bar Row (10 reps)

(7:08)- Superset 4
(7:13)- Chest Dips (10 reps)
(7:55)- Chin-up (10 reps)

(7:56)- Iron Bull Strength Grips
Link: http://tinyurl.com/IronBullStrength-SHF

(3:20)- Deadlift
(4:41)- Barbell Bench Press
(7:22)- Chest Dips

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