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No space for a workout? No problem. Katie Chung Hua shows you how to get a killer training session in the confines of your dorm room!

Some people tell me I lift like a girl. I treat that as a high compliment! I grew up playing hockey and have been playing with iron for the last 10 years, but building lean and sexy muscle doesn’t always require a gym. Even if you’re stuck in a tiny college dorm room, you can get in a great workout.

I’ve designed two workouts—one upper-body and one lower-body—for those who have small, tight spaces to work with. The only real piece of gym equipment you need is a resistance band. If you don’t have that, there are still alternatives! Don’t let not having a gym membership keep you from your goals.

I recommend alternating between these upper- and lower-body circuits every other day. If you’re feeling really brave, you can choose to do them both on the same day a couple times a week, too!


Let’s kick-start your training with an upper-body workout. Ideally, you should have a resistance band and a solid post like a bed frame, sturdy lamp, or door knob to hold it in place while you perform specific exercises. I’ve lined up a total of 12 exercises, all aimed at hitting various points of your upper body with a vengeful burn if you bring the right intensity!

This circuit should take you approximately 20 minutes. That’s about four or five of these workout songs!

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