Kellan Lutz - Hercules Workout (Actual Exercises!)

Put the U in Hercules by training like a warrior / athlete with ATHLEAN-X

Kellan Lutz, known for his ripped, athletic physique in the Immortals and Twilight movies, is at it again as he plays the role of Hercules. If there is one thing Hercules is known for, it’s having strong shredded muscle. To achieve this look, the Kellan Lutz Hercules workout looked remarkably similar to the training you see on this channel each week.

Lutz focused on workouts that were brief but intense so as not to overtrain or waste time in the gym. Also, his workouts focused on integrating multiple muscle groups into the same movements. Very seldom will you perform a single move in ATHLEAN-X training that doesn’t involve your core to some degree.

4 Hercules workout exercises were included in this workout video to show you the exact moves Lutz did during training. These are:

1. Running Pullups – In this exercise, you perform a pullup and then hold yourself at the top (the most contracted position) and chop your legs as if you are running or pedaling a bicycle. This engages the abs as well as a hefty dose of upper body strength.

2. Split Squat DB Press – This Hercules workout exercise demands a stable lower body in order to press the dumbbells overhead. Ground based training at it’s finest.

3. Springboard Pushups – This insanely explosive upper body exercise can easily be one of the hardest versions of the pushup. Try it for yourself and see why it became a staple exercise of Kellan Lutz in his workout program.

4. Lunge Rows – Again, by assuming the split squat stance on this exercise you get not only a powerful back builder but also a challenge for the lower body as well.

As you can see, the Kellan Lutz workout involved much more than working out. It had a purpose and a goal, and therefore should be called training instead.

If you want to develop your own Hercules like body, then it’s time to perform a complete workout program similar to exactly what Lutz was doing himself. Head to and get in the best shape of your life in the next 90 days.

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