KEY Lower Ab Workout Tip - LOWER ABS (At Last!)

Stop wasting time chasing “shortcuts” – Get the truth about abs from a REAL coach.

When it comes to getting lower abs, there’s way more than just the ab workouts you’re doing. Above all, you better make sure that you are performing quality reps and not just quantity on your ab exercises. Why is that? Because, poorly performed reps in your lower ab workout can lead to your belly becoming anything but flat. Most guys and gals will push out against their abdominal wall when performing their reps and this can cause ab distention and protrusion (anything but a flat stomach).

Instead, when performing your lower ab workouts you want to be sure that on each and every repetition you are first contracting your transverse abdominus muscle. You want to activate this inner weight belt and then contract through the exercise range of motion. At no point do you want to relax this muscle contraction until the rep is completed.

You may find that this greatly decreases the number of reps that you are performing in your lower ab workouts, but that’s ok. It’s always better to perform quality reps on every abdominal exercise than it is to perform lots of sloppy ones.

Secondly, you always want to make sure that you follow a smart eating meal plan. That doesn’t mean that you have to count every single calorie and eat like a bird. In fact, you can eat a lot if you are eating the right nutrient dense foods. Thinking you can eat garbage and get a ripped six pack is simply not true. Thinking that you can just do ab workouts and ab exercises and get a 6 pack is also not true.

It requires a dedicated effort and a commitment to changing your body. I always say, there are no six pack shortcuts on the way to anywhere worth going!

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