Kickstand Squats - Best Squat Variation? (YOU DECIDE)

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There is no doubt that the squat is one of the most important leg lifts that you can be including in your workouts. That said, it does have it’s limitations. Weak leg compensation, ankle mobility and unilateral functional strength can all be targeted more specifically with variations on the squat that the squat exercise alone can’t fully do. That’s why I wanted to make this video to show you the kickstand squat variation. In the world of athletics, this squat form could be exactly what you have been in need for to bust out of that leg development plateau.

To perform the kickstand squat variation, you set up with two 35 or 45 lb weight plates stacked on the floor. Place one leg on top of the stack and the other leg toe touching to the floor. Descend into your squat using perfect form and making sure to keep your back slightly arched and firm. Lower until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Your weight distribution should be almost entirely on the leg standing on the plates. The other foot should act in almost a non weight bearing manner, or as a kickstand for support only.

This squat variation could be the best squat exercise because it allows you to overload your quads in a unilateral way while still not asking you to severely compromise the amount of weight that you would normally lift on a squat. Most single leg squat exercises force you to drop the weight that you lift considerably to do them. Not the kickstand squat.

In fact, you will see that by focusing on lifting more weight with the kickstand squat that you will experience an overall increase in your two footed squat strength and leg size.

Start incorporating this squat variation into your leg workouts and see just how powerful it is. For a complete workout program that allows you to train your legs like an athlete and get bigger, stronger legs fast (as well as a more muscular ripped body) be sure to head to and get your ATHLEAN-X program.

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