Killer Home Back Workout - BUILD A BIG BACK AT HOME!

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You’ve been waiting for it and here it is…the back workout from the killer home workout series. This home back workout is done with my “back to back” set structure, that really requires the back and lat muscles to work! Try just a few rounds of this workout and your back is sure to be screaming the next day.

When you train the muscles of the back you have to be sure to hit them from all angles. You don’t only have to worry about the “V” taper of the back, but you want to work on your lat depth and back thickness if you want to have an impressive back. This video will show you how to do just that with 5 insane back exercises that are sure to help you with both the width and thickness of your back from your lats to your rhomboids, and everything in between!

Jeff Cavaliere is one of the most sought after physical therapists and strength coaches in the country. With his clientele a virtual “who’s who” in the world of professional sports and celebrities, Cavaliere is viewed as the go-to-guy when you want to build an athletic body and burn fat to reveal your six pack abs. A Men’s Fitness magazine contributor, Cavaliere is relied on for his unique views on training. It’s never the “same old exercises” with Jeff and anyone that watches this channel would attest….he brings a lot of variety every time

So start on this AthLEAN-X Training Killer Home Back Workout today and start getting that desired V-Taper in no time at all! Then head to to get your total body training program the AthLEAN-X System to get ripped in record time!

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