Killer Oblique Exercise - Get Shredded Obliques!!

Obliques, Core and More –

One of the best ways to carve out your six pack abs and give the instant impression of a strong core is to focus on the obliques and specific oblique exercises in your workouts. Just as you would put a frame around a picture to make it look nicer and more noticeable, the oblique muscles are your bodies own internal frame for your abs.

With the external obliques oriented in a down and in alignment, they act to form a nice taper for the waist and set up the abs to stand out more. When you have a low body fat from following a proper nutrition plan, you can really see the entire core pop with a careful attention to both the obliques and abs.

In this video, I show you a killer oblique exercise that you can do either at home or in the gym using just a resistance band and a pullup bar or anywhere you can hang the band from. By anchoring the band around your elbow and taking a step away from the bar you can prestretch the obliques…a necessary first step towards activating and contracting them.

Then in one powerful move, you will twist and flex forward, making sure not to pull with the arm…to engage and contract the oblique muscles. Slowly return and repeat until failure. Make sure to repeat on the other side.

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