Kris Gethin's Quad Radical Equation Workout - Leg Workout -

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This is the most difficult workout I do. Think you have what it takes to keep up? Swallow your fear, swallow your bile, swallow your pride, and start lifting.

If you want to be the biggest, hardest guy in the gym, you have to do what you fear, not fear what you do. If you fear doing a difficult legs workout, you need to do it. It’s the only way you’re going to progress, period. I’m tired of seeing guys with big upper bodies and skinny legs. If you want big, strong legs with full separation, you need to train with the big boys.

I’ve been in this industry for a long time. I’ve trained, learned from, and taught the best. Through the sweat, pain, blood, and puke, I’ve created the hardest leg workout you will ever do. Bring your balls, harden the fuck up, and let’s go.

This leg workout resulted from 14 years of training. I have to keep thinking outside the box to make sure that each body part continues to evolve. The legs are the most difficult to change, so I had to take drastic measures. I took pieces from my own leg-training philosophy, as well as pieces from people I trained with (legends like Dorian Yates, Branch Warren, Gary Strydom, Neil Hill, and “Flex” Lewis). When you do this workout, you get a taste of how some of the hardest workers in the industry train.

Because it’s so intense, I don’t perform this workout every week. I do it every eight weeks or so. I throw it in my routine to shock the system. Trust me, it works. This is the hardest workout in the world for me. If you’re willing to push yourself beyond the realms of the natural, then saddle up and do it. Welcome the pain.

Although it’s high-volume, this isn’t an endurance workout. What makes it really, really hard is the intensity. We only take 45 seconds rest between sets. So, you’re going to suck a lot of oxygen, especially if you have a lot of muscle.

Not only will this session challenge your cardiovascular fitness, but you’ll torch every muscle fiber in your lower body, regardless of type. You’ll also prime and challenge your central nervous system. Your body and your head are going to feel knocked about. If you don’t feel like that, you’re just not pushing it hard enough.
Don’t fear it. Welcome it.

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