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Kristina Olson made the transition from musician to 2015 BodySpace Spokesmodel. Read this fitness superstar’s story and get her full plan!

See Kristina’s Full Plan Here:

The secret to fitness success is hidden inside Kristina Olson, but she’s not about to let it out. Quite frankly, she may not be able to! See, it’s not some special supplement or unique tip, but a hard-to-define personal drive that pushes her to achieve what most only dream. Olson may not be able to hand that quality to others, but she’s determined to spread her love of fitness.

Olson started out in music, and spent 10 years touring and recording. She was then driven to help heal the planet, so she began studying earth science. Now, she’s accelerating her drive to motivate the global fitness audience, and she just won our 2015 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search!

When she first started training, Olson wanted to look like Linda Hamilton from “Terminator 2” or Demi Moore in “GI Jane.” Now, she’s a BSN and athlete, and women around the world use her as inspiration. Olson feels honored and privileged to carry this role, and she wants to help people around the world find their own drives to succeed.

Watch Olson’s video below to learn more about her, and read on to get her complete nutrition, training, and supplement plan!


Cooking is cathartic and enjoyable for Kristina. She loves to make small ingredient adjustments that add up to major nutritional changes. She takes family recipes and makes them fitness-friendly, and she’s a big proponent of shopping with a careful eye.

“Learn how to shop at the grocery store and really read the ingredients,” she says. “Look at the labels. As you stroll down the aisles, something may say ‘gluten-free’ or ‘non-GMO,’ but that doesn’t necessarily make it healthy. If you look at the ingredients, the second ingredient may be evaporated cane juice.”

Don’t fall prey to pretty packaging or marketing buzzwords. “Read the ingredients and the fine details,” Olson advises. “That will teach you how to shop better.”

Down the road, Olson wants to make a cookbook and star in cooking videos. She’s not into beautified or Photoshopped food images. She wants to showcase real food with an emphasis on delicious, clean ingredients.

Try these awesome meals straight from Kristina’s kitchen!

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