Lais DeLeon's At-Home Perfect Booty Workout! -

If you’ve got 20 minutes and a couch, you can sweat your way to a stronger lower body and better booty!

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I totally get it: I know all too well how difficult it is to squeeze in the time to hit the gym—or even find one—with a hectic, always-on-the-go schedule, but being without a gym doesn’t mean you have to kiss your dream booty goodbye. No way!

I’ve designed this do-anywhere workout to help you whip up a good sweat and whoop your derrière into shape, no matter where you are. As long as you’ve got 20 minutes or so to spare, building your best-ever booty is no longer just a pipe dream.

This lower-body, booty-building workout circuit will kick your behind!


There are six movements to familiarize yourself with in this workout, and you will perform each one for a full minute of intense, butt-building work. There’s very little to no rest between the exercises; do them all back-to-back until you’ve done all six movements to complete one round. Only then should you give yourself a 60-second break to catch your breath before you start the next round.

Aim to give your best effort for every minute you are performing the movement, and keep the intensity up. I know it burns, but that means it’s going to be an effective workout! Do this six-exercise circuit for a total of three rounds, which should take you between 20-30 minutes from start to finish.

If it’s too hard at first, that’s normal—keep at it to build your stamina and get used to the movements! If you feel the workout is a bit too easy, shorten your rest time and make your movements explosive.


All of these movements emphasize the lower body and glutes, so make sure you are focusing on contracting those butt muscles and making each movement powerful.

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