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Lee Labrada is a bodybuilding hall-of-famer and nothing less than a legend. As the head of Labrada Nutrition, he’s here to help you get in better shape than ever. (HD Reupload)
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Lee Labrada built a championship body and retained his remarkable physical architecture even after he retired from competition.

For all he accomplished physically, what Lee accomplished civically at Labrada Nutrition and for the City of Houston, Texas, forced greater, legitimate change to real people in need.

Lee was born in Havana, Cuba in 1960, to Spanish parents and Caribbean sun. He grew up in Houston and started lifting weights to get bigger for his high school football season. What began as a simple path, a sports incentive, opened to a superhighway toward bodybuilding supremacy. He was the smallest contestant in his first competition, and he won.

From 1982-1995, Labrada won 22 bodybuilding titles. He placed 4th or higher at the Olympia seven consecutive years (a feat matched only by the audacious Arnold). He was runner-up in both 1989 and 1990, but didn’t win on the biggest stage, despite flexing one of best moustaches of the ’80s.

He won Mr. Universe in 1985 and a slew of Grand Prix events, despite still being smaller (5-foot-6, 184 pounds) than most of his competitors.


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