Leg Workout Without Weights - AthLEAN Xtreme Leg Circuit


Head over to the brand new AthLEANX.com and see what has the fitness world buzzing. The AthLEAN-X Training system gets you a ripped, lean, and athletic body like the top professional athletes and celebrities. Follow the step by step system created by celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere for getting you there in just 90 days.

Workout for less time per workout and for fewer workouts per week than with the P90X Workout and you will see as good or better results guaranteed.

This week, this AthLEAN-X Show brings you something you’ve been asking for. It’s a leg workout without weights that you can do at home with very little space. With this 4 exercise circuit you can build up the strength and power in your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Follow this home gym workout for legs and expect to see great results.

Stopping by as a guest on this week’s show is Adam Jarvis. Adam is the guy from the Athlean-X website that underwent one of the most amazing body transformations….losing body fat, getting ripped, and building lots of lean muscle in just 90 days. As you can see in this video, Adam looks just as good now as he did when you submitted his pictures into athleanx.com. Let him be an inspiration to you this week and motivate you to go to http://athleanx.com to get your own copy of the AthLEAN-X Training System today!

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