Lifting Becomes a Lifestyle | Mike Hildebrandt Dymatize Athlete Profile

Dymatize athlete Mike Hildebrandt’s relentless pursuit of physical fitness changed his mind as much as it changed his body. Now it’s changed his entire life.
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When you see Mike Hildebrandt onstage, in the popular Dymatize Transformed training plan, or in his videos, you think to yourself, “Now here’s a confident young man, with a physique like a Roman god, ready to take the world by storm. “

It definitely wasn’t always this way. The fact that someone who was once ruled by doubt and anxiety can be so self-assured today is a testament to the universal value of physical fitness.

Growing up in the small town of Idaho Falls, Idaho, Hildebrandt was a lot like other kids his age, always playing baseball, football, soccer, basketball—just about any sport he could find. But even as he did well in sports, he says, he was afraid of failing, of pressure, of things he couldn’t control… of pretty much everything.

“I struggled a lot with obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, and fear,” he recalls. “Part of the reason I got into fitness was to try to shift my focus away from all the things I was obsessing over—all those things I’d been struggling with for so many years, and put my focus in a better place. I went from a scared senior in high school, anxious about everything you could think of, to building confidence in myself.”

Day after day, Hildebrandt headed to the gym to go through his lifting routine. He put himself on a clean, athletics-focused diet. And he started pushing hard to improve his physical conditioning. He stayed on this path until, while a college sophomore, he went to his first bodybuilding show.

Lifting Becomes a Lifestyle
Now fully immersed in the world of bodybuilding, Hildebrandt says he loves everything about it. Yes, he loves being up on stage. But he also loves the daily habits of training, the dieting, and the way the can see changes in his body.

“Bodybuilding gave me control over the way I look in a world where we have so little control over the things that happen around us.”

Perhaps one of the most important ways he took control was through consistency. He says it doesn’t matter if you’ve been lifting for ten years or if you just started yesterday. All you need to transform your life is to keep doing it.
“I think that’s where a lot of people fall short. Maybe they’re really good Monday through Thursday, but then they just go off the wall on Friday night and over the weekend. But if you keep after it day after day, over time you’re going to get results.”


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